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Pink Yakuza

Contemporary artist Poesy Liang launches an e-commerce store with a fashion line Pink Yakuza, this is her second line after POEZ Jewellers.

People still need to look nice when they work from home on their video conferences, so she felt that the time was apt to make her designs available to a wider range of audience by designing fashion accessories that are affordable and easy to ship worldwide. Many people (including herself) have morphed into becoming online shopaholics and she would love to attract screen conscious folks all over the world to join the Pink Yakuza tribe.

Pink Yakuza?

Liang grew up in a notorious neighbourhood (of Jalan Imbi) in downtown Kuala Lumpur and was given the nickname Miss Yakuza.

Since she was a young girl, she’s used to speaking with gangsters. It is impossible to know who gave her the nickname Miss Yakuza. Sure she have always been an impatient girl, but she is also the founder of an international movement of random kindness, Helping Angels 善⾏天使 – due to her neighbourhood connections, she makes naughty people do good things.

Poesy Liang,梁小诗